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CAMT "For-Credit" Receiving Session Instructions and Documentation


AMT "For-Credit" Receiving Session Instructions and Documentation

Purpose: The purpose of this requirement is for you to learn from the experience of receiving Advanced Myofascial Techniques (AMT) work from an experienced practitioner.

Essential elements:

  • Sessions must be from an Approved Provider*, and the majority of the techniques used should be directly related to the Advanced Myofascial Techniques repertory.
  • Because reflecting on your experience is an important part of learning, the form below should ideally be filled out within 1 day of your session (and no more than 1 week after your session).

*-When there are geograpic or other significant obstacles to working with an Approved Provider, you may request an exemption from the requirement to use an approve provider, and if approved, use a local practitioner of your choice. You must request this exemption in advance of your session at this link (an administrative fee applies for exemption requests).

CAMT credit for this requirement is free and is recorded in our system when this form is satisfactorily completed.


1. Choose an Approved AMT "For-Credit" Receiving Session Provider from the list on the CAMT site. (If Approved AMT Providers are not available in your area, you must request an exemption in advance of your session.)

2. When you schedule, let your practitioner know you’re receiving the session for CAMT credit.

3. Read over the questions below before your session. Enjoy your session while you remember your role as a learner.

4. Fill out and submit this form, preferably within one day after your session (and no more than 4 weeks after your session).

Session Info
If the provider you want to work with is not listed, you will need to request an exemption before your session (administrative fee applies).
Have you requested and received an exemption, allowing you to work with your non-approved provider? *This question is required.If the provider you want to work with is not listed above, you will need to request an exemption before your session (an administrative fee applies). 
Sorry, you must request and receive an exemption before completing this form. Please return here once your exemption request has been processed.

[end of form]

Non-Approved Provider's Contact InfoIf your request to use a "Non-Approved" provider has been granted by, fill in practitioner info below. This info is required for credit. If you have not yet applied to use your non-approved provider, please do so at this link first.
1. What did LEARN about each of these areas?

REQUIRED: Include what you want to incorporate into your work, and optionally, what you many not want to incorporate. (Remember that learning can be positive or negative.)

E.g, Scheduling, arrangements, location, equipment, paperwork, payment, etc.
Uncheck this box if you do NOT want your answers shared with your practitioner. Your choice has no bearing on the credit you receive.
For questions requiring an answer, please email

Please print or save before sending, and retain a copy for your records.

Choose "Finish and Submit your Form" below, or print and mail it to:

3514 Nyland Way
Lafayette, CO 80026 USA

Please refer to the CAMT site for current requirements, credits, and maximums allowed.